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Choosing a Minneapolis Loft vs Condo?

Buying a Minneapolis Loft or Condo?

For most prospective urban dwellers, the idea of buying a Minneapolis loft or condo is complex.  Many buyers begin their search for a particular type of property on the web which can make understanding the difference of a loft and condo somewhat confusing.  Here’s a rundown of the differences:

Lofts can come in an array of sizes and layouts.  True lofts are going to be rehabbed buildings of the early 1900s transformed into urban residential living spaces.  Over the past decade plenty of new buildings designed to look like the older loft buildings have come into the market most notably within the North Loop real estate market.  For the most part, what defines lofts are: larger windows, exposed ductwork, pillars, concrete floors, and an open layout.  Buildings that feature lofts are going to be Bookmen Lofts, Rock Island Lofts, Sexton Lofts and Bridgewater Lofts.

Not everyone looking to purchase a Minneapolis condo or loft is inclined to this type of feel-some Buyer clients are looking for something much more finished and refined.  This type of buyer typically defaults to a condo versus a loft.   Minneapolis condos typically feature finished ceilings with soffits to conceal all of the ducts, plumbing and wiring in the unit.  The layout of a condo typically has clearly defined spaces–bedroom walls go to the ceilings, doors create privacy in the unit.  Some examples of condos in the Minneaapolis real estate market include: The Carlyle, 5th Ave, Phoenix on the River and Grant Park.

Cool modern loft in Minneapolis Navigating through this maze of options can be tough–and there are benefits to both types of product out there.  At the end of the day it is critical to have an agent that can articulate the value of each as well as give you insight on the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the realities of Minneapolis downtown real estate.  Give Ben Ganje a call at 612.460.5638 or email him at today for a market update or to schedule a tour!

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